Cleaning a Toothbrush Naturally

In the world of constant travel, how to clean a toothbrush naturally and how to store a toothbrush on a RVall of your items have to travel along with you. That is an obvious statement, but what may not be so obvious is how to travel with items that need to be clean all the time, such as a toothbrush. Having a clean toothbrush is often overlooked, but it is an important part of a healthy oral routine, and of course, at To Wander Freely, we need to clean it naturally, meaning without synthetic chemicals.

Cleaning a toothbrush naturally is something I do all the time as a fulltime RVer. When we were averaging travel days about every 3-4 days; I was cleaning our toothbrushes every travel day. Now that is one clean toothbrush!  I guess you could say that fulltime RVing is improving my oral wellness. Fulltime Rving = healthier teeth and gums. And that, dear reader, is a revelation.

How to Store a Toothbrush in a RV

First, I want to let you in on how we store our toothbrushes, because it was one of the very few items that I had to put some thought in to storing when we transitioned on to the RV. I had always kept our toothbrushes in a glass Mason jar, but I wanted to look in to other options for the RV.

Pretty much everything I found that seemed designed for easy travel meant encasing our toothbrushes in plastic. I just don’t like that idea.

Another advertised option is to attach them to the wall. Not my favorite idea either, as I think about drops of used toothbrush water falling from them on my counter or my floor.

I fully admit that I may be a little obsessive in this area, and the aforementioned options may work very well for others who are not as obsessive as me. I am also obsessive when it comes to my pillowcase and my bath towel – I don’t share. Not even with Chris. Well, I shouldn’t say I don’t completely share. I will lay my head on his pillow, or use his bath towel. I share his. But, he can’t use mine. The line is drawn.

Without a better option for our toothbrushes, I stuck with my glass Mason jar, which we keep on the bathroom counter. Yes, I use glass. Apparently I don’t obsess as much over using glass in a RV as I do about using an unclean toothbrush. We use glass for our drinks too, and I have never had a problem on the RV.

clean a toothbrush naturally

On travel days, I put the Mason jar directly in a bucket that I use to also store our shower items. The bucket sits in our shower during travel. When we get to our next location, I clean our toothbrushes and the glass jar before returning them to the bathroom counter.

As you can see in the photo above, we also each have a tongue scraper that we keep with our toothbrushes. If you have never scraped your tongue, you have not yet lived, dear reader. Get yourself one, and start using it. Since they are stainless steel, I am not as concerned about cleaning them. They have just become part of my cleaning routine, and I treat them the same as I do our toothbrushes.

Also note that both tongue scrapers are kept together, with no distinguishing mark about them. It is evident that I am not as concerned about using Chris’ tongue scraper as I am about him using my pillow. Obsessions are wily. Another revelation.

Cleaning a Toothbrush Naturally

First, I clean the toothbrushes and my glass jar with soap. I prefer to use my Thieves dish soap from Young Living since it has the bonus power of the Thieves essential oils. As I member, I get the wholesale price, plus an extra 20% back on their Rewards program. I have also just used castile soap which is a great option too.

Once clean, I then sanitize them. I pour some hydrogen peroxide in to the bottom of the glass jar and set the toothbrushes in it, bristles down. I like to think of hydrogen peroxide as a natural bleach. It is found naturally in the air as a gas and is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It is considered very unstable, because it will readily break down in to oxygen and water. That is why they sell the liquid form in a brown bottle, so that sunlight can not reach it. They are trying to keep it stable. Sunlight and exposure will break down the compound in to its components, which is why hydrogen peroxide should be used directly from the bottle.

I leave the toothbrushes and scrapers in the liquid and come back to them later, when I flip the toothbrushes over. I try to take them out within the hour, but have been known to forget about them until we brush our teeth at night. I usually leave the peroxide in the jar for a few days, before dumping it out, so that it will keep the jar and any run off from the used toothbrushes sanitized. But, remember, it loses its effectiveness out of the bottle.

Alternatively, I have also just sprayed the toothbrush bristles with hydrogen peroxide after cleaning them. Done.

You can also boil toothbrushes in water to sanitize them, but boiling water is the last thing you will want to do in a RV, especially after the AC has been off during travel. 

Now that you have the know-how, go clean your toothbrush!

Your toothbrush will thank you.

Your gums will thank you.

Your teeth will thank you.

Your mouth will thank you.

I will thank you.

Basically, you have a lot of thanks coming your way.

And if you are wondering about our toothbrushes. We use these Bass toothbrushes from Orawellness. I love the toothbrushes and their price. I love the Bass brushing method. And I love the company (I am not affiliated with them in any way, just love them.)


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2 comments on “Cleaning a Toothbrush Naturally

  1. Wow! What an informative article, Jen. I truly learned a lot from it. In fact, I have already visited the Orawellness website and will soon be purchasing toothbrushes and the whitening kit. I’ve also started using their tooth brushing method and have felt a tremendous difference in just a matter of days. I can’t wait to see the difference once I use their products!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi, Sandra! So glad to hear that you are seeing some benefits already! They do have some really great products, and they have the best information I have found on oral care too. They write a lot of articles and give balanced information. Here is to healthier teeth in the New Year!

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