Christmas Gift Ideas for RVers

As Christmas approaches, many of you are looking for gifts for your RVer friends, or ideas for your own wish list. Naturally, we want to help you in your search. So, we have prepared a unique list of our top ten recommendations of gifts for RVers!  best gifts for rvers

To better understand our choices, let’s scrutinize this character known as the RVer to learn the habits and traits that we can capitalize on for the BEST Christmas gifts this year…  

Shall we begin by describing the RVer?

How about adventurous, fun-loving, courageous, nature-loving travelers? I think that is a pretty good summation.

And what about their habits?  

Well, they absolutely love travel (or at the very least they want to avoid winter extremes). They typically spend a lot of time outdoors. They spend time researching and planning trips. They embrace some level of spontaneity and typically seek out new experiences and things with a desire to explore. Let’s not forget that they live in a small space that is mobile, which does place some restrictions on size and types of gifts that are acceptable. 

Any other considerations?

Throw in to the mix our experience as RVers, and our sincere desire to promote wellness in our own lives and yours.

And now that we have better identified the beast in question, aka the RVer, and recognized our own personal tastes that will, by intention or not, most certainly be a part of our selection process; I give you…

To Wander Freely’s Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for RVers 

#1  It probably goes without saying, but naturally we think that our RV There Yet Monthly Calendar & Planner for RVers is at the top of the list. It meets the requirement of assisting RVers in their planning while adding to the overall fun-loving, adventurous atmosphere in which the RVer thrives.  And for $25, the price can’t be beat for a unique RVer gift!The Original Monthly Calendar & Travel Planner for RVers 2017

#2  For those of you who like to give the gift that keeps on giving (but dislike the taste of jelly), we present you with the idea of the Annual National Park Pass.  It meets our RVers’ need to explore by providing them a full year of access to not just the National Parks, but also many of the National Historic sites and other federal recreation areas.  The pass typically covers the pass holder and other vehicle passengers (can vary at different sites, but typically just one pass is enough). It is $80, and is valid for twelve months after the purchase date. This is a great option for those planning to become RVers soon, as they probably will not have one yet – current RVers probably already have one. 

#3  As a stocking stuffer/smaller item, think about an essential oil diffuser for the RV/truck. Lord knows, we do not need to add more chemicals to our body’s already toxic load.  Instead, essential oils (if you are buying good ones) actually purify the air while giving your body added benefits, such as uplifting your mood, enhancing your focus, etc. Since our RVer will be spending a lot of time on the road, a diffuser for the vehicle is a great wellness choice. This is on my Christmas wish list this year!#4  But, what about all of that outdoor living? Well, we have the perfect table for RVers. Don’t get me wrong, I never met a picnic table I didn’t like, but after fulltime RVing for 1.5+ years, I have also seen people do some strange things with those tables…things that involve sewer lines…yikes! We have, use and love this Kamp-Rite Table, because it collapses and rolls up to fit in to a small bag to save storage space.

#5  Next up, is the ONLY tech tool we use. There are certainly a lot of items out there that you can buy and try, but we have found that the most effective is the TP-Link Wireless High Gain Adapter. It boosts the WiFi signal at campgrounds, so that I can actually keep up with the website and Youtube channel. We waited almost a year before purchasing it, and it was the best purchase we made for our businesses on the road.  For under $25, it would make a great gift to show the RVer that you want them to keep in touch!#6  Continuing down our list, we have an item that was gifted to us. Before we left town for the first time as fulltime RVers, Chris’ sister gave us a copy of the Lonely Planet USA’s Best Tripsand it was a great resource for us. Having a book that broke travelling the US down in to separate road trips that included sights, food and travel tips was perfect for our lifestyle. Plus, they included some lesser-known sights and items, not just the most popular. This gift is around $18, and well worth the space on the bookshelf.#7  Since we are talking about books, I will divulge the only travel book that Chris and I purchased for ourselves: National Geographic Guide to the National Parks. When it is your one two week vacation each year, you have the time to plan appropriately; but as fulltime RVers we are constantly seeing new things and new areas and the time for planning is limited to non-existent. So, it did not take us long to realize that we needed help in trying to navigate the National Parks. We wanted those visits to be special, but we just didn’t have the time to figure it all out for ourselves. We were very happy to have this $20ish resource to rely on.

#8  Along with Good Sam, this next option is a membership we would not want to be without. When we decided to become fulltime RVers, I purchased an Amazon Prime membership. We already used Amazon a lot, but as RVers, we knew that ordering items and having them reach us in time would be a challenge. So, Amazon Prime was our solution. This way we can still buy the products that we love, but may not be available to us locally all over the country; and the best part…2 DAY FREE SHIPPING (with NO minimum order)! We have not missed an Amazon package yet (and we have missed others)! In addition to the helping the RVer with their new shipping needs; Prime also gives them access to movies, shows and books from the comfort of their RV. The membership cost is $99 for the year, making it another gift that keeps on giving!


#9  This is a simple item, but necessary for RVers who choose to use the campground showers. I have mentioned before that I have yet to use a campground bathroom, I only ever use Aunt Glady; but if the facilities are nice, Chris will often choose to shower in the campground bathroom. So, this under $10 Bathroom Caddy made his wishlist for this year to help him carry his items to the shower.

#10  Finally, we want to make mention of the greatest gift of all. The birth of Jesus, the son of God, sent to restore our relationship with our Heavenly Father, so that we could have life everlasting. This gift is free and available to anyone who accepts it. Way better than a shower caddy.

We hope that helps you to check the RVer off of your list or to make the final touches to your own Christmas list. May your celebration of Christmas be merry and bright!

You may also be interested in what we got each other last year for Christmas…an inflatable kayak!

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I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

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  1. Very interesting! Gives me some ideas. I love your relaxed conversational style, feel like you are sitting in my living room.

  2. Looking forward to your 2018 calendar to purchase for my Christmas gift to myself. Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Lol! Don’t you love the self gifts??!! I am actually working on the design for the 2018 calendar now! Including even more helpful tools!

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