Best RVer Deals for Black Friday!

Don’t let the title of this post “RVer Deals for Black Friday” mislead you. We actually are not in to RV gadgets and the never-ending hamster wheel of having the newest thing. We try to remember that RVing was a means for us to simplify our lives, not to add a bunch of gadgets that take up space or items that need maintenance.

I always advise new RVers to be cautious when making a lot of purchases. I think it is better to get on the road first, then see what you actually need for the lifestyle, because RVing will look different for you than it does for other RVers. But there are some items that have proven to be our best purchases and which I think are worth a mention. And this week is the perfect time for consideration, since you may find a great deal on these items.

Best RVer Deals for Black Friday

#1  First, check out the Current List of Amazon Black Friday Deals for RVers. If there are items you have been considering for your RV, then you will want to check their page to see if you can get a deal.

#2  Next up, is the ONLY tech tool we use. There are certainly a lot of items out there that you can buy and try, but we have found that the most effective is the TP-Link Wireless High Gain Adapter. It boosts the WiFi signal at campgrounds, so that I can actually keep up with the website and Youtube channel. It is budget-friendly, simple, small and easy-to-use. Just plug it in the USB port on your computer to start. We waited almost a year before purchasing it, and it was the best purchase we made for our businesses on the road.  At the time of this writing, it is listed as half-off! Under $25. 

#3  I have a website and youtube channel, but I greatly prefer reading books in print. The irony is not lost on me. I still find that books in print give you the best, straightforward knowledge on a topic without all the distractions, ads and interruptions of the internet. We like to use a few print guidebooks for U.S travel information, and if you feel the same way, then check out all of the Amazon Deals for USA Travel Books. It is an impressive list with some really great current pricing.

#4  The next item is an important consideration for any RVer. Our RVs allow us to explore this beautiful country, but they have limitations…they will not float on water, as far as we can tell. So, what will you do when you reach Monterey Bay and want to paddle around with the sea otters? Or you make it to Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park and can’t stand the idea of not paddling around in that crystal water? You may only get to these places once…you don’t want to have limits on your exploration.  We recognized the water dilema, and for our first Christmas as fulltime RVers, we purchased this inflatable kayak. This is one of our favorite purchases, because it has added to our adventures.

inflatable kayak   inflatable kayak, choctawhatchee bay   Bowman Lake. Glacier National Park, Montana

 Kayaking Monterey Bay CA

#5 Whether we are in the RV, or at home, we never drink water without our Berkey. It purifies our water without removing the beneficial minerals that our bodies need to hydrate fully. We have had ours for over 7 years now, and we would never leave home without it. We have an exclusive coupon here.

#6 And I am going to wrap up this list with another item that we never leave home without…and that is our Original Planner for RVers. The 2019 version is for sale now, and check out the rest of our Shop. Happy shopping!

Rv planner, RV calendar, planner for RVers

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    • Hey, Dianna! So great to hear from you! We have been struggling to keep up with everything lately, but we are working on a video to come out soon with an update and about our RVing plans. Hope all is well, and I will send you an email soon to catch up!

  1. Hello! Wanted you to know I have really enjoyed following your journey over the last few years and miss seeing you on You Tube and in your blog. I hope you are both doing okay and will see you on here again at some point!

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