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We have been living in our rv almost 7 months now, and we have certainly learned a lot.  One of the more recent lessons we have learned is that the bone of irony in our bodies is showing up in the oddest places.  Spending the winter in Florida is great!  We have vacationed in Florida around Christmas for the past two years, so we knew we would love having an opportunity to spend more of the winter here.  What’s not to like?  It is sunny 95% of the time.  It beats the 30 inches of snow they just got back home.  The palm tree view out of our windows never gets old. The monthly discount makes long-term stays easier financially.  The wi-fi is the best we have had during our 7 months, and the list of comforts and desirables goes on.

But, now that bone of irony is starting to itch.  As much as we love where we are, I’ll be darned if we wouldn’t rather be back on the road again!  I don’t know how it is possible, but while we are able to walk on the beach almost daily and enjoy outdoor activities in these mild temperatures…somehow we have contracted the worse case of cabin fever known to man!

I actually miss going in to a different grocery store every time I shop – something that drove me nuts during the first 6 weeks of our trip.  I miss not knowing where we will be a week from today, completely uncharacteristic of Chris and me – we thrive on plans and organization.  I miss having a completely different view out of my windows every few days.  To sum up my feelings, I miss…the adventure.  When adventure is part of your every day, so are courage and bravery.  Now, the bravest thing we do is pass the rv at the end of our row with a doberman that barks as we walk by.  The life of a snowbird has quickly lost its luster for us.

Oh, fickle heart, bide your time!  We really need this time of rest from all of the travel we are normally doing, and we certainly need time to make some plans for our upcoming travels.  Being in one place allows us to save money, and take care of a few fixes on the rv and the truck before we move on.  Plus, the winter puts a halt on travel, and we just have to wait it out.  So, for now, we are laughing at our shortcomings as snowbirds, and reminiscing about last year’s travels, while we begin making plans for the coming Spring and Summer.

Join me, as I make a quick review of some of our favorite places from 2015!  Here is a map of our travels:  yellow shows our trip West, orange is our trip back to PA to visit family, and blue is our trip down to Florida for the winter.

2015 Map of Routes


Best of 2015 featured

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Zion – the narrows and other trails, the wildlife

ArchesI have not done a post yet on our visit to Arches National Park in Utah.  Another thing I am supposed to be doing this winter – getting caught up on old posts!  We did do a post on the Super Moon while we were there, and I will do a post soon on our time spent traipsing through the desert and enjoying the challenging trails.  Here is a photo of Sand Dune Arch to entice you…Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Jenny Lake/Grand Tetons – We did not get to spend a lot of time there, but the alpine lakes and views were inspiring.

The Black Hills – The Black Hills draw you in.  They have a familiar feeling that make you feel at home.  We saw great wildlife, enjoyed Mount Rushmore, and I think our favorite moments were spent in Spearfish Canyon.  

Monument Valley – Another place that drew us in.  The massive monuments rising out of the red desert sand are incredible.  

The Badlands – Another place I have yet to post about, but trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss this stop in your travels.  Here is one of the highlights… a prairie rattlesnake!!!Prairie Rattlsnake. The Badlands, South Dakota

Lake Powell & Bear Lake – We picked these because they were unplanned surprises while we were on the road.  We passed Bear Lake in Idaho while traveling from Jackson Hole, WY to Utah, and we were pleasantly surprised by its clear, almost Caribbean waters.  Lake Powell was a stop as we traveled through the southern end of Utah, and it could be a visit all on its own.  I will share a photo with you, but imagine those rock walls and water continuing on and on in a maze.  Lake Powell, Utah

As you can imagine, it was difficult to narrow the list to just a few highlights; but we wanted to share our reminisces with you.

Next up, we will take a look at our plans for this year…

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