BERKEY COUPON – Purified Water for Even Less!

In celebration of our nation’spurify your drinking water for pennies Independence Day this week, for this Self Care Sunday, I am offering a coupon to all of our To Wander Freely followers! We know how important having clean, pure water is, and as RVers we know what a challenge it can be to know your water source. Our Berkey water filter removes all of the water concern and fear from our minds. Berkey filters remove 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.99% of viruses from water. This classifies the Berkey as a water purifier, not just a water filter. It also removes greater than 99.9% of pharmaceutical contaminants (the drugs your neighbor is taking and is now found in the drinking water), greater than 99% of heavy metals, removes pesticides below detectable levels in a lab, and more. But, not only does it purify our water, it also leaves the beneficial minerals that our bodies need in the water – so it is even better than distilled water.

If you already read our article on the Berkey and have had your eye on one for a while, then this is your chance to get a rare discount. We have an exclusive coupon for To Wander Freely followers for 5% off!!!

Here is how to get the discount…

Step 1:  Use the blue link to go to the Berkey website and purchase your Berkey:    ORDER YOUR BERKEY

(We have the Big Berkey.)  They are currently running FREE Express Shipping, FREE Exclusive Lifetime Warranty, a FREE Gift (your choice of stainless steel cups or glass water bottle!), and 50% off accessories  when you purchase the Big Berkey or Travel Berkey.

Step 2: Include this exclusive, limited-time coupon code for To Wander Freely followers during checkout: WANDERFREELY5      

Step 3: Enjoy purified water with peace of mind.  Plus, taking advantage of our coupon combined with all of the Free items they are offering is the best deal I have ever seen on a Berkey – so peace of wallet too!

We want everyone to be confident that the water they are drinking is healthy, purified water that they can trust. That is why we recommend the Berkey. We have had ours for over 5 years now, and we could not be happier. We used it in our home and now we use it on our RV – another reason to love the Berkey is that you can literally take it anywhere.

Want to learn more? Check out our Berkey Video here!




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  1. Too late… Based on your recommendation, I picked up a travel Berkey before our 3 month road trip. It has been fabulous. Thank you!

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