As we started to embrace our traveling lifestyle, we began to think of some of our major bucket list items that we could make a part of our trip.  For Chris, one of the major items was to see an SEC football game.   (Which apparently is not that strange, because one of my brother-in-law’s (Joe’s) first comments about our trip was that we could hit a game at each of the SEC campuses.) We aren’t really Florida or Florida State fans, and Chris isn’t a fan of Nick Saban; but we have found ourselves rooting for Auburn in the past, and we respect their program.   We also have two Auburn alumni in the family (thank you, Ginger, for all the tips!).  So, Auburn quickly made it to the top of our list; and since we are conveniently traveling to Florida, we could easily divert our route to make it happen.

Let’s start with the obvious fact that Auburn’s campus is beautiful.  It’s bright brick buildings against the big, blue sky make for a collegiate feel.  Consider these next photos as the pregame to move you to cheer for Auburn and its tradition.Auburn University, Alabama Auburn University, Alabama

The campus also features an arboretum not to be missed…Arboretum, Auburn University, Alabama

…with a special exhibition of carnivorous plants, many of which are found in abundance in Alabama due to its many bogs.Arboretum, Auburn University, AlabamaI love cypress trees and their knobby root systems.  They are quintessential South for me.  Now I just need some alligator eyes skimming the surface of the pond…Arboretum, Auburn University, Alabama

Auburn also boasts easy access to all the town has to offer with great restaurants and shops located directly alongside of the campus.  A particular tradition in Auburn is Toomer’s Drug Store.  You can see the drug store below, along with the live oaks that are famous in Auburn.  They call it “rolling toomer’s corner”, and you can see what I mean here.  Here is Toomer’s Drug Store with one of the live oaks…Toomer's Drug Store, Auburn University, Alabama

…and here is a better photo of the two live oaks with War Eagle in the center and Toomer’s visible on the left.Toomer's Corner Live Oaks, Auburn University, AlabamaWe even stopped in Toomer’s for a lemonade, another Auburn tradition (Thanks, Steve!).Toomer's Drug Store, Auburn University, Alabama

Now, shall we move on to the main event???  Auburn’s Stadium…Auburn University, AlabamaDon’t worry, that stadium filled up with a sell out crowd today of over 87,000 people.  Here you can see the full stadium, and look for War Eagle in the middle flying to his handler.  Our seats were literally the highest row in the stadium, so he is tough to see, but look for his shadow on the field and a close-up on the jumbotron…War Eagle, Auburn University, AlabamaA golden eagle?  Blue and orange colors?  A sell-out crowd?  A beautiful November day?  Could this school get any more awesome?  Although Auburn lost today, the game experience exceeded all of our expectations.  We even learned a lot from other fans:

  1. Ole Miss has the best sweet tea available in a stadium.
  2. Chick-fil-a is available at football games, as well as bbq.
  3. Auburn/Alabama is a bigger rivalry than Auburn/Georgia.
  4. According to Georgia fans, if you want to play football on Sunday, you need to play football on Saturday in the SEC.
  5. With a high of 60 degrees, some southerners come to the game equipped with winter coats, hats, gloves, and blankets.
  6. Southern hospitality extends to football games, so be prepared for the friendliest people (even as Pennsylvanians).






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  1. So glad you got to experience the great Auburn spirit up close. The pics are great. The arboretum did not exist when I was a student there, but then a lot of changes occur in a 50 year time span. Wish I could have been there with you, but so glad you enjoyed your stay!

    • We were thinking of you, Ginger! Wish you could have been with us too!!!

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