Atchafalaya Swamp Boat Tour (with video)

During our time in Cajun country, we knew we wanted a real swamp experience.  We wanted to get out on the water in the Atchafalaya swamp, the largest swamp in the U.S.  We had several options for boat tours ranging from large boats seating upwards of 50 people to a more individual experience into deeper swamp areas.

We chose to go with Ernest Couret Boat Tours, which would just be Ernest and us out on the water exploring the more remote areas of the swamp.  We only had one problem, we were faced with the huge storm that poured 2 feet of rain north of us and caused massive flooding in Texas and Louisiana.  We decided to extend our stay in Cajun country to see if we could wait out the rain and get a tour in before the flooding waters would drain into the southern parts of Louisiana and the Atchafalaya swamp.  We were supposed to leave on a Friday, but we set up our boat tour for Saturday, so we pushed our departure from our RV site to the following Monday.  (This is the beauty of making sure you do not plan too far ahead, you really need the flexibility at times.)  Saturday came and it was pouring, so Ernest called us to cancel for the day.  We asked if we could try on Sunday, and he agreed.  The water was rising all around us, but it had not hit flood stages yet, and we trusted him and his expertise in the swamp.

Sunday finally arrived, and we had a beautiful, sunny day for the first time in 5 days.  We drove to the welcome center and met our guide for the first time.  Ernest is a real swamp man.  He is the third generation of his family providing guided tours.  His accent is so true to Cajun country that at times I had difficulty understanding him.  He was a Delta Force Green Beret and served four tours in Vietnam.  Within a few minutes of meeting him he took off his hat to show me the scar where shrapnel had torn a quarter of his scalp from his head.  Ernest is the real deal.  He is appropriately named.  He is earnest to his people and to his swamp.  We loved him from the start.

Here is some of the footage from our swamp tour…


If you ever make it to Louisiana, look up Ernest Couret and ask him to give you a boat tour.

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