As promised…My Meal Plan for the week!

Last week, we talked about how to start meal planning, and this week I have my actual meal plan for the week! Girlfriend delivers!

Without further ado, here it is…

my meal plan

I know, I have chicken scratch writing. Well, to me, it looks fine, but Chris tells me its chicken scratch. And I take his word for it. Here is the breakdown, if you are having trouble reading it…

  • leftover pumpkin oatmeal bars, papaya & collagen smoothies, walnuts
  • leftover lentil soup, purple cabbage & carrot salad with lemon-garlic dressing
  • Taco Night! Coconut milk ice cream
  • oatmeal cinnamon buns with coconut butter icing, bacon
  • leftover tacos
  • crock pot turkey breast with gravy, sweet potatoes, steamed kale
  • eggs, bacon, grapefruit
  • leftovers from turkey dinner
  • BLTs & mango-quinoa-black bean salad
  • omelette with veggies and rice, grapefruit
  • huge salads with leftover turkey & mango-quinoa-black bean salad, sunflower seeds
  • lamb meatballs with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed kale
  • Prep: make muffins, freeze 2 servings of meatballs
  • garbanzo flour banana muffins, grapefruit, coconut milk yogurt
  • leftover meatballs
  • crockpot chicken, sweet potatoes, salads with sunflower seeds
  • Prep: make bone broth overnight
  • same breakfast
  • same lunch
  • chicken tortilla soup with avocado (use bone broth)
  • leftover tortilla soup (we love soup for breakfast)
  • cup of tortilla soup with big salads & sunflower seeds
  • chicken enchiladas with veggies

A few key points to learn from My Meal Plan…

Start where you are. Meal plan for three days. Or meal plan dinners only. Start somewhere and put one foot in front of the other.

Take advantage of leftovers. If I am cooking dinnner, I am almost always also cooking the next day’s lunch or dinner. I double just about everything I make. Also, if I make a soup, or something that lends well to freezing, then I will freeze two portions for a quick meal later when I need it.

Start “re-mealing”. I think I just made that up. Just like repurposing, use ingredients in different meals. For example, you can see that we are having a crockpot chicken on Tuesday night. We will eat the chicken that night, and then the next two days I am “re-mealing” the chicken in tortilla soup and enchiladas. Plus, I am taking that carcas and making bone broth for the soup, and to be eaten along with meals over the next few days. Meal planning helps you to pick a theme & use it for days!

I typically have some health goals for the week, and I find meal planning to be the easiest way for me to track whether or not I am actually meeting them. This week, I was working on thyroid supporters. By tracking them through my meals, I can be sure that I am getting them! No more slacking! This is the best way I know to be sure I am staying committed. And it take two seconds to add it to a meal plan – I use shapes to identify my ingredients/meals that count toward my goal, but colors could be used to.

Keep it fun! Since we both work from home and are self-employed, separating work from regular life is a huge challenge. We both have a tendency to allow work to pervade every day of the week. So, I have instituted two meal concepts to help us to feel some separation. Friday nights, I plan for us to have something fun like tacos, or honey garlic shrimp. Something that comes together quickly, but is festive and makes Friday night feel a little different. Saturday mornings, I like to have a nice, slow breakfast that is more involved. Again, something special and fun, but that slows us down for the weekend.

And here are some of the meals that we have enjoyed so far from the meal plan…

recipes from meal plan

meal plan

how to meal plan

coconut ice cream from meal plan

Well, I hope I didn’t make you too hungry with this post! And that it gets you inspired to spend a little time planning and to create nourishing meals. Or at least coconut milk ice cream.


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  1. Everything sounds not only healthy but deciduous! Thank you for sharing. “re-Mealing,” better patent that for a future cookbook!

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