Adios, Nebraska

Once you get off of Rte. 80 and spend some time looking past the obvious; you truly start to appreciate the bygone characteristics of Nebraska that remain strong, even if they are faded in the background. There are swaths of grassland standing tall as remnants of the prairie that existed before the corn.  There are moonlit nights that illuminate your vision in to the pioneer past prior to electricity.  There are the same billowy, bright clouds that sped over a hunting party of Indians and shaded the homesteader for a small respite in a long farming day.  There are glimpses of the Platte River with its silty bottom behooving the Oregon Trail traveler to show forbearance yet again and wait for a better crossing.

All of these sensations begin to form your experience of Nebraska, and your appreciation grows.

In leaving Nebraska, we want to leave you with one last experience.  A slide show of the different flora, fauna and vistas that made up our journey through the beautiful state.


About Jen

I love travel, which led me to become a fulltime RVer. I love wellness, which I can talk about 'til the cows come home. I love being self-employed, which means I get to dabble in what interests me from essential oils to RV planners. But most importantly, I love my husband and our life together on the road!

5 comments on “Adios, Nebraska

  1. We love the slide show! The stories you write are so well written and enhanced by such picturesque detail…we really enjoy them! Marty says you should make a book out of this trip and copyright it!
    Did you pick up anyone along the way??

    • So glad you enjoyed it! Yes, we found some hitchhikers who are now stowaways :)!

  2. Great pics in your slideshow, especially the ones with the Nebraska sky. What kind of camera are you using? Not a cell phone, for sure.

    • Don’t you just love that Nebraska sunset? I think they are the best sunsets we have ever seen, even better than at the beach. Surprisingly, my phone does take great photos; but we also have a Nikon D3100. We use both depending on where we are, and how prepared we were!

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