We are so glad that our paths have crossed!  Our mission is to inspire you and give you practical steps to maximize and minimize different aspects of your life to help you reach your dreams. Whether it is trying out RVing, making choices to support your overall wellness or other big changes; you have come to the right place, my friend! chris-jen-and-our-fifthwheel-rv

We came to a point in our lives where we realized that we were not living the abundant lives we desired.  I suffered from an autoimmune disease diagnosis and several health issues that really changed our lives. As a result, we had to do some real soul searching and came up with several goals for our lives. We wanted to spend more time on people, and less time on things. We wanted to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. We wanted to trade in the meaningless to-do lists that ran our lives for something more. 

We knew that we were meant for so much more than we were living, and it was time to make some big changes.  

So, we sold our house and most of our belongings, made the decision to quit our jobs and build Chris’ side business to be our only income, and (now for the best part) we became fulltime RVers with no RVing experience!  We set out wanting to last three months, but at the end of our three months, we knew we couldn’t stop.  We learned so much about America, met wonderful people, experienced incredible beauty; but most importantly, we realigned our lives to meet our values and find the daily fulfillment we had desired for so long.  travel-quote-a-mind-that-is-stretched-by-a-new-experience-can-never-go-back-to-its-old-dimensions-oliver-wendell-holmes TWF about


We have been on the road for well over a year now while covering over 30,000 miles, and the journey continues! Our goals have become clearer and transformed in to our mission.  We have found the areas in which we want to maximize our lives – wellness, relationships, work and finances. We have also found the areas in which we want to minimize our lives – possessions, home and meaningless pursuits.  Along the way, we have started this blog and our YouTube channel to encourage others like you and build a community where we all can learn more about living abundantly & lightly

If you are ready to make big changes in your lifestyle, we have been there!  We have stepped outside of our regular day-to-day and completely changed how we live; and we know that you can do it too!

Be encouraged, my friend.  You found us for a reason.


Thanks so much for stopping by. We love our community, and we are grateful for all the comments, shares, emails and messages we receive. We have learned so much, and we certainly have a long way to go on this journey.  We hope to meet all of you on the road some day, but in the meantime, introduce yourself on To Wander Freely’s Facebook page, we would love to say hi!

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