A Happy Day!

For this week’s Self Care Sunday, I am pleased to announce that we have Happy Chappy ready for purchase!

I have been making my own chapstick for about five years now. It is one of the personal care products that I used frequently, and I was committed to creating a better version with wholesome ingredients instead of nasty chemicals. It has always been my favorite thing to make for myself, and over the years I have shared it with many people who loved it as much as I did. When we got back to PA for the winter, my sister talked me into doing a table at “Night at the Barn” outside of Philadelphia. It is an event organized by her church that is exclusively for women vendors. It is a chance for women to support women. So, I took two of my favorite homemade products, and almost sold out of both! I continue to have women contacting me from that event wanting more of my products, because they love them as much as I do. So, I have decided to bring Happy Chappy to the world! (Or at least my tiny corner of the world wide web.)

Happy Chappy was created to be nourishing and moisturizing to our lips, while maintaining an ingredient list that makes us happy! No synthetics here, just plain goodness that you can use with confidence. Ditch the nasty, and get yourself some happy!

My Cooling Original scent uses peppermint and rosemary essential oils to create a slightly cooling feel on the lips.

My Lavender Basil scent uses those essential oils to create a calming, herbal aroma.

The chapstick will be shipped to you with an adorable, tamper proof label. They are a great gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or any other time you want to share a little wellness gift with someone you love!

Oh, and it is not just for women! Men love it too! Including my father-in-law, who recently retired as a Child Psychology Professor. He reported that he is obsessed with it! I will take that as a win! This girl is decreasing synthetic chemical use one home at a time!

And by the way, in honor of this being a special reveal for me, I have decided to offer a “3 for” deal! Buy three chappies for $10.00 by using this coupon code at checkout:  rv4life

Abundant wellness and a very happy day to all of you, dear readers.

Click here to order your Happy Chappy now!



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