A Chemical Free Home Starts Today!

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.


Today, we are going to look at my tried and true ways for clearing some of the toxins out of our home. Ingredients in some household cleaners contain the following toxic chemicals:

  • Endocrine disruptors – “chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects” (NIEHS)  Your endocrine system is made up of the glands that produce your hormones – it influences almost every single cell, organ and function in your body.
  • Carcinogens – substances and exposures that can cause cancer
  • Neurotoxins – substances that are capable of causing nerve or nerve tissue damage

It is well past time for us to rid our homes of this yuck and make better choices for ourselves and our loved ones.

And, people, let me just tell you, it is one of the easiest steps you can take in your overall wellness journey. Changing your diet is a huge undertaking (and well worth it, might I add).  However, replacing the items in your cleaning cabinet is much easier and can be done in under an hour. You will also most likely save a lot of money too (that you can now use on purchasing organic vegetables).

What I am recommending is the simplest, easiest, cheapest way for you to switch to non-toxic cleaning.

You don’t need a hundred recipes to choose from and expensive ingredients to sort through. Instead, you need one simple recipe and a few ingredients combined with the knowledge of how to start using them. That is what I am giving you today, and then you can build on your own from there. There are plenty of green products out there and books you can read with recipes for homemade cleaners; but my suggestions are simple ones to get you started today. So, let’s get started…

Step #1: Remove said yuck from your home. Period. No excuses, or pleas of “I might need this sometime”. Trust me, you won’t. Remove all of your other cleaners and say out loud, “No more yuck in my home!”

Step #2: We will still be cleaning our homes, so we need to gather or purchase our new cleaners. Gather the following…

  • apple cider vinegar (most white vinegar is made from either petroleum or GMO grains, which we want to avoid)
  • distilled water (you can use regular, but distilled is preferred, since it has a much longer shelf life)
  • hydrogen peroxide (keep it in the brown bottle – it needs to remain out of sunlight)
  • baking soda
  • castile soap (which you will be using for a lot of other purposes soon – we will come back to that later)
Now, make an All-purpose Cleaner:
                2C water (preferably distilled)
                1t castile soap
Combine these two ingredients in a spray bottle. If desired, you can also add some aromatherapy with 15 drops of essential oils (Thieves, Lavender, or Tea Tree are great options).


As an alternative here, if making your own does not work for your schedule, and you want to purchase something that is effective and still cheap, then my only recommendation is Young Living’s Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner. That stuff works on EVERYTHING (even mirrors and glass), and it has the bonus of supporting your immune system while you clean. It comes as a concentrate, and you just add water to dilute it – it ends up being about $1.50 per bottle. You can’t beat that for a plant-based cleaner with Grade A essential oils. I started out only using my own homemade products, but now I use the Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner too, which I fully admit is far superior to my homemade version. To purchase the Thieves Cleaner, you need to sign-up as a wholesale member for Young Living – just click here for my essential oils page to walk you through it.  If you are ready to fast track your wellness journey, then getting wholesale prices for Young Living products is the choice for you. 

Now, let’s see this in action…

To clean the bathroom:
  • For the counters, sinks, tub; Use your all-purpose cleaner & sprinkle some baking soda to help get rid of tough areas.
  • For the toilet, I clean with the all-purpose cleaner. Then, I sanitize with hydrogen peroxide – straight from the brown bottle. I spray some in the bowl and add baking soda to the water too (if you have time, let it sit for a few hours before scrubbing with toilet brush).
  • For the mirror, straight vinegar.
  • Alternatively, you would just use the Thieves All-Purpose on everything – no other items necessary.
To clean the kitchen:
  • For the counters & sink, use the all-purpose cleaner – sprinkle baking soda for stuck-on messes.
  • When cleaning up after raw meat, use the all-purpose cleaner and spray some hydrogen peroxide too.
  • For a gas or electric stove top, I use baking soda and the all-purpose cleaner. (I had a glass-ceramic stovetop once, and I hated that you had to buy a separate cleaner specifically for it. But, then I just started using baking soda on it too, and I had no problems. I would just mix baking soda with water to form a paste to use.)
  • Alternatively, you would just use the Thieves All-Purpose on everything – no other items necessary.
To clean floors:
  • For carpet, you can use the all-purpose cleaner.
  • For wood, I used vinegar and water; but there is some controversy over using vinegar. I never had any problems with it, but if you don’t want to try it then just use the all-purpose cleaner further diluted in water.
  • For vinyl and tile floors, use either vinegar and water or the all-purpose cleaner further diluted with water.
  • Alternatively, you would just use the Thieves All-Purpose on everything – no other items necessary.

Step #3: Give yourself a high-five from me! You did it! You have made a great wellness choice for you and your family! Plus, now you can share with your children and grandchildren why and how to harness these simple, natural cleaners for themselves! You started a ripple that can bless your family for generations to come! You have had quite a day, my friend. Well done!

Now, to answer the questions I know you will have…

May I use a plastic spray bottle, or should it be glass? If you can, I always prefer to use glass, especially when using essential oils. However, you can use plastic if need be. Click Here for an inexpensive glass sprayer on Amazon.

Vinegar??!! I hate the smell! 1. You will get used to it, and trust me, within a month or two you will hate the smell of commercial cleaners. 2. You can add an orange peel or rosemary or other herbs to soak in your vinegar, and that infusion will temper some of the smell. 3. If you really don’t want to smell the vinegar you can add essential oils of your choosing to mask the scent.

Are these recipes set in stone? No way, José! Play around with them. I do not recommend mixing vinegar with either baking soda or the castile soap. Otherwise, you can play around with the all-purpose recipe and see what works best for you.

Why are these natural cleaners a good idea for RVers? They are a great idea for everyone! Since RVers are working with a smaller space, it is even better for us to have to store less items and make sure that we incorporate items with multiple purposes – castile soap will become your new best friend!

Is there a way to find out how “green” a product is?  Try the EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaners, where you can type in the name of a product and find out how it was rated.



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